Is Carpet Right for Your Home?

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When you walk into your home, do you imagine kicking your shoes off and sinking your toes into a soft, luxurious carpet? Do you have hardwood floors but would love to add some color to your room? A carpet or rug may be perfect for you. D & D Carpets of Rome can install any type of area rug or carpet to meet your needs.

We work with Home Dynamix, a trusted rug provider. We can offer you any size, color or design. Call us at 315-337-2430 today for a carpet or rug you can’t wait to treat your feet to.

Carpet and rug tips

Carpet and rug tips

Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering carpeting or an area rug for your home:

  • Installing carpet in a room with a wood-burning fireplace can be a fire hazard. Sparks can also damage your carpet. Make sure you have a well-made screen for your fireplace and a stone surface or fireproof throw rug in the area closest to the fireplace.
  • Darker patterns or palettes can hide pet stains.
  • Try a sisal and coir (coconut husk) floor covering, which contains a natural dust mite repellent, if you’re environmentally sensitive.
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